Tuesday, June 14, 2011

yeah, I'm asking you a question

I read that if you want your blog to succeed, you're supposed to engage the reader by asking a question. 

Is it just me, or is that kind of silly?  I mean, there's a comment button right there.  Should I really have to ask a question for you to think of something to say?

If you read a post and have a thought, then click the comment button and type something. 

If you read a post and have no thoughts, then you are brain dead & your comment would probably not be very interesting for anyone else to read, so it saves us all time when you don't type a comment.

When I read a blog with a question at the end, it makes me not want to respond.  Because I know that this is what the blogger wants me to do.  I'm not so great with wanting to do things that are expected of me.

I think that if you are writing a blog, you should be interesting enough to spark a comment here or there without asking the token question.

Wait....now that I look back and see the pitiful number of responses I have on my blog, maybe I will turn to the dark side and pose a question in order to fish for responses.

So, today's question is:  If a person spells "ketchup" as "catsup", should you be able to punch them in the face without warning?


  1. Absolutely! Whenever I see it written "catsup" I think it looks like "cat soup" and how gross is that? Who in their right mind would like some cat soup on their hot dog??? I prefer mustard anyway!

  2. I have so many responses to your post, I can't even begin to know where to start. First...let me quit laughing....
    Okay, yes, you should have the right to punch them in the face (or at the very least, kick them hard in the shin) without warning. Catsup is just dumb.
    Second, let me comment on the people who ask questions. I learned just a few short months ago that people who ask questions don't REALLY want you to answer. A person I will "loosely" call a friend on FB asked a question and begged for a response on their status one day. She also wanted us to be honest. I responded with an honest reply, which apparently she did not agree with. Two days later, after a little back and forth debate, she unfriended me. REALLY?!?! (She has since graced me with the priveledge of being her FB friend again--yay me.) But, here's what I learned from that. If you are asking a question in a FB status or a blog or otherwise, you don't really want a response. That person is just looking for someone with no real opinion that will either reaffirm your own distorted opinion OR you just want to try to debate some nincompoop (sp?) into the ground. Either way, I've learned to just not respond to the "question." God forbid another FB friend unfriend me-*gasp*.

    Disclaimer: This post is not in any way meant to insinuate that your opinion that it is okay to punch (without warning) anyone in the face who spells ketchup the wrong way. Please do not unfriend me or argue me into the ground. I concede. :)