Thursday, June 16, 2011

tractor tires in your yard

Why do people use tractor tires as yard decorations?

Here are some ways I've seen them used:

Flower garden planters.  What makes anyone think that this somehow makes your flowers more beautiful?

Driveway "lions".   You know, like 2 tires standing up on either side of the driveway.  It's like a white trash version of stone pillars.

Playground equipment.  When I was in elementary school, we had about 4 different sizes of them painted different colors stuck upright in the ground.  We hid inside them, climbed up using the treads as handles, and jumped from one to the other.  It sucked when you jumped on the one that was not very sturdy because you'd leap with all your might only to find yourself landing on not so solid ground.  The wimpy tire would lean over or buckle under you and you'd think, "Oh crap, I forgot this was the sucky one."

I guess maybe using tractor tires as yard decorations could be considered "green" since it's better than the alternative of illegally dumping them on someone else's property.  But still, being "green" is a poor excuse for dorkiness that has no cure, which is what you have if you have tractor tires as yard decorations.


  1. Oh I sooo remember the gigantic tractor tires on the playground in elementary school! We would set up our tape player and had a whole dance routine (which included jumping off the tire) to the Footloose sound track. Whenever I hear that song I always remember jumping off the tire and yelling "footloose!"

  2. Is it corky to have eight tires sitting in your yard as we speak. Please note they are not by any means decorations merely here bc my husband feels the need to keep them in close proximity in case anyone ever needs a huge spare tire.

  3. Well, with our luck lately, we might need 8 spare tires. We'll call your hubby if we need one. I think we've had 3 flats in the last few months. And while we are confessing our tire transgressions, I have 2 studded snow tires leaning against my steps. I might be a redneck.

  4. The song I remember in elementary school was Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know?" We had a dance routine that involved pretty much every girl in the class but did not have any jumping from tractor tires in it. But that would have made it way cooler!

  5. Actually, tractor tires are too big for a yard decoration. Still, that doesn’t stop people from using it because of its rubberized texture, which is flexible in any weather. All you need is creativity, and well, a broken tractor. HAHA!