Sunday, June 12, 2011

reggurler coke

When you go out to eat, the first thing the waitress says is "Hi my name is Ashley, I'll be your server today, what can I get you to drink?"

For most people, this question does not pose a problem.  However, my husband is what I like to call restaurant ordering communi-impaired. 

He looks inside the menu to see what they serve.  Mind you, he always orders the same thing, Coke.  And almost every restaurant serves Coke.  If they don't serve Coke, they will always say "Is Pepsi ok?" and he will say yes.

So what's the point of looking like the waitress just asked you what the square root of 666 is and flip flapping the menu around like the answer is inside?

Here's what happens:  I will order Diet Coke, order Sprite for the kid, and then when it's his turn, he will flip flap the menu around and then say "Regular Coke."  But instead of saying "regular" he says "reggurler".

9 times out of 10 the server has him repeat himself because #1 he talks too low and #2 who says "regular Coke"?  You just say "Coke".  Plus he just said a word that doesn't exist. (reggurler) He feels he needs to qualify "Coke" so they don't bring him a Diet Coke.

They will know you don't want Diet Coke because you didn't say Diet before you said Coke. 

But if you say "regular Coke", they get confused.  Plus the fact that he says "reggurler" instead of "regular" only adds to the confusion. 

I'm telling you, the reggurler Coke thing drives me nuts.  If you don't believe me that it happens every time, let's go out to eat together and see.  If he says it, you pay.  If he doesn't, I will.  I could probably eat out every weekend for a year on this.


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  1. I will take you up on the bet! I will distract him with some other conversationi and see if I can win! I'm all about the competition.