Sunday, June 19, 2011

Seahorse dads

Seahorses are really the only fathers that should be recognized for Father's Day.

I mean, Mother's Day is for those who have pushed out a baby or had their guts sliced open never to regain feeling there again.

What do Father's do on the day they become dads?  Stand there and eat a tunafish sandwich?  (that's a shout out to Day by Day, whose husband actually ate a tunafish sub while she was in major labor.  not cool.  not cool.)

Seahorse dads should at least get props for carrying their babies.

It should be Seahorse Day instead of Father's Day. 

Why do men think they need a day too?

I mean, you can't do what you do for moms on Mother's Day.
Breakfast in bed doesn't count because that happens all the time. (well, ok, it happens more than once a year.  which is more than it happens for moms.)
Flowers are a no go, because what man wants flowers?
Sappy cards or handcrafted jewelry boxes or picture frames are simply not appreciated, so why bother?
Anything that they would want is too expensive.  ATVs, guns, powertools, trucks, etc. are way out of my price range. 

Guess what I got my dad?  A S'mores kit.  Because he has a little fire pit that he thinks is cool.  I got him little telescoping marshmallow sticks, Hershey Bars, Graham Crackers, and the new square marshmallows. 

He pulled out the graham crackers first & said, "oooh, graham crackers!  I like those."
He seriously thought I bought him graham crackers for Father's Day. 

I actually had to explain it to him.  He asked me how you toast the graham crackers and the chocolate.  Apparently he has never had s'mores before.  How can you be 59 years old and not know how to make s'mores?

So my point is, why bother? 
Moms appreciate Mother's Day because they remember the pain and the agony of childbirth. 
Father's Day just doesn't have quite the same umph.

Happy Seahorse Day.

PS - The previously expressed view are completely fictional.  I think Father's Day is great.  Dads are great and deserve the same credit as moms.  And I firmly believe that you don't have to push out a baby or get your gut cut to be a mother.  Some of the best mothers have never been pregnant a day in their life. 

All that being said, Mother's Day is still kind of more important than Father's Day in the big scheme of holidays, dontcha think?

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