Sunday, May 29, 2011

Get it? Ketchup with the Frys

Wanted to start a blog.  Here it is.  Ketchup with the Frys.  I know, I should quit now.

But first let me explain.  See my last name is Fry.  Seems like an easy last name to have, considering some that I've seen (Krapsho being the worst, if you're wondering.  Sorry Kelly, in case you ever happen to read this.  But you did marry "up" in terms of a new last name, so it's all good.  Except when you have to use your maiden name on credit card crap & the like.)

Anyhoo, back to my last name.  Fry.  Seems like an easy name to have.  Not so my friend. 

Call ahead seating at Outback: 
"Last Name?" 
"How do you spell that?"

Are you kidding me?  How many ways do you think there ARE to spell Fry?  AND, does it really matter on the little dry erase board on the hostess stand?  Just write it how you think it's spelled.

So anyway, I spell it for them and then I peek at the list when we get there.  99.9% of the time the dry erase board on the hostess stand says "F-R-Y-E".   Now I have nothing against people with the last name of Frye.  But they make my life difficult because whenever I am asked what my last name is by people who are writing or typing it, I am forced to respond with "F-R-Y - no E!"  Then the person writing or typing looks at me like "do I look like an idiot?" because I just spelled a 3 letter word to them. 

However, based upon my experience, if I merely say "F-R-Y", the other person invariably says "No E?" like they are disappointed.  Frankly, this then ticks me off.  I don't like to be questioned when I know I am right.  Particularly when it comes to spelling my own last name, which happens to be only 3 letters. 

I'm pretty sure if my name was FRYE then I would have said E after I said Y. 

I'm also pretty sure if you are reading this blog, you know about the no E.  However, if this thing ever gets viral or global or blogtacular or whatever, then the readers will need to know.

As far as the ketchup part intent is to post updates about our life so you can catch up (ketchup) on what's going on around here.  If you didn't figure that out before I just told you, then you probably should stop reading blogs and go back to 3rd grade to learn about homonyms.  Although I'm not really sure if catch up/ketchup counts as a real homonym, so maybe I'm the stupid one.

And, also, I hate when people spell ketchup as "catsup".  Sounds like a syrup made of pureed cats.  Gross.


  1. WELCOME! It's addicting, yet stupid. Yet fun and a great waste of time.

    And try Boyles.... I always hear "like boils water" and I always want to say "no like boils on my butt!"

  2. That's hilarious. We should get new last names and then maybe our stress levels would go down. Not get new last names like get a divorce, just change the whole family name to something easy for stupid people.

  3. Hey Alissa! This is funny! You got me with the title and your first post did not let me down!

  4. seriously, tell someone your last name is Marandola, enough said. Mar and ola, that easy, nope not easy at all. Also everyone knows my husband is an outsider (not from here, I can pretty much guarantee we are the only Marandola's in this state, so if someone says 'those Marandola boys' everyone knows they are talking about my rotten kids.

  5. LOL this is hilarious! I didn't know you were so funny:)