Sunday, June 26, 2011

coughing up a mini-Snickers bar

Warning:  the following is gross, but true.  If you don't like things that are gross, I suggest you go to another blog that is less disgusting. 

I've been sick with a sore throat and sinus congestion.  I am "hocking" (not sure if that's the correct spelling for it, but you know what I'm talking about)...I am hocking up the nastiest crap ever.

I think I coughed up a mini-Snickers bar.

No lie, I feel like I barfed up a lung.  (shout out to all Ferris Bueller fans)

It makes me appreciate being healthy. 

Because nobody wants to spit in the sink & see a mini-Snickers bar.

(*disclaimer:  the term "mini-Snickers bar" is not used with permission from M&M Mars or whoever makes them.  Also, I am not the original creator of the euphemism "mini-Snickers bar".  The original creator is my sister, Pee (yes, that is her real nickname), who once called me when she was sick and said she coughed up a mini-Snickers bar.  The description was so striking to me that I have now adopted it.  If you don't "get it" then you obviously do not have sinus issues and I hate you.  Let's just say it's chunky snot expelled from your throat in such a mass quantity that the only real way to describe it is "mini Snickers bar".)

I understand if you never visit this blog again. 

But I did warn you. 

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