Saturday, June 18, 2011

crazy cat lady of bloggerville

Everybody knows a crazy cat lady.

Nobody wants to be a crazy cat lady.

So I'm wondering if I blog every day, is that the equivalent of being a crazy cat lady? 

Is it cooler to blog less often so you look like you are otherwise occupied? 

You know, if you don't have a post for every day, you look like you are busy with your fabulous life.  If you post everyday, you *might* look like a crazy cat lady who sits in her house all day watching infomercials.

But for me, blogging is like exercise.  I miss one day and then I'm like, "la, la, la...didn't do that yesterday, so I might as well skip today!"

But if I start turning into the crazy cat lady of bloggerville, I hope somebody will tell me. 

Or at least drop a hint.  Something subtle, like, "your blog sucks", might work.


  1. I've missed the last 10 posts bc I keep putting off reading all my new blog messages for the saem reason. I didn't follow through yesterday I should just take today off too! It's actually quite entertaining but that's only in comparisons to 1000 pics to edit from a wedding that I don't want to do and the movie scooby do on the tv. Nope your not crazy. You rate pretty high in my book!

  2. If I tell you that I just created a blog because I liked yours so much, does that make me a crazy cat lady, too? Oh, geez....