Wednesday, August 28, 2013

19 years and counting

Yesterday was our anniversary.

We have been married for 19 years.

We've talked before about how marriage is like a burrito.

This year, our anniversary was kind of funny.  Funny as in ha ha funny AND funny as in strange funny.

First of all, Superfrydad came home last Wednesday after about a 14 hour day of working outside in the heat.  Superfrykid was already asleep and I was in bed watching TV.  Superfrydad plops down beside me and throws this piece of folded paper onto my chest.

It reads:  Thanks for 19 years of marriage.  I will always luv you.  This is good for a Sweet Water meal. Your hubby
I read the note and look at him.  He says, "You forgot, didn't you?"  I smiled and said, "Today is not our anniversary.  It's next week."  Then we both laugh hysterically.

After 19 years, it's come to this.  A piece of spiral notebook paper that is NOT EVEN RIPPED OFF EVENLY with a handwritten note ON THE WRONG DAY.

Yep, that pretty much sums up our life.

So yesterday was our actual anniversary.  I got a beautiful vase of roses at work.  On the right day.  I haven't ever had the heart to tell him that I don't really like roses all that much.  After the notebook paper "card" on the wrong day, I think I'll take it.

We also received an anniversary card in the mail from my grandmother aka "the Don", who is 81. Mind you, I am only putting this on my blog because she does not have a computer and I trust that any family member or friend who may read this will not tell her unless they want to cross her.  I wouldn't recommend it.

The Don prides herself on her greeting cards.  She always sends a funny one or a very nice one and you can be sure they are handpicked with care from the local Hallmark store.  No Dollar General fifty cent cards from this woman.  You will get the $5.99 card from Hallmark for your special day.

As you may notice, the front of the card features a picture of a man and a woman.  If you are a TV fan, you may notice that it's not just any man and woman, but a couple from the TV show "Modern Family".  I'm pretty sure my old school, traditional values grandmother doesn't know what "Modern Family" is.

Nor did she notice the gay couple with a baby at the end of the row.  Notice that it's one of those fancy pop up cards?   I told you she buys the good cards.

While I am in no way offended by this card, I think it's hilarious that it's the one she chose.  I'm sure she would be mortified.  Actually, she would probably get a kick out of it.  But don't tell her, ok?  Maybe one day I will bring it up.  I just have to wait for the right moment.  After I blog about it.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary Superfrydad.  I couldn't ask for a better husband.  Well, I guess I could ask for one who would remember our anniversary on the right date.....but I'd rather have you.

Just for kicks,  here's a picture of us on our wedding day:

Bad picture, my phone is dying and the flash won't work.  But you get the idea.  Big puffy sleeves, worst bridesmaid dresses ever, little hotdogs at the reception, the whole bad wedding bit.  We may have had horrible taste in weddings, but at least we picked the right person.  And that's what really matters.  

Friday, August 2, 2013

Crusty Ketchup

So from time to time, I post what I like to call "Crusty Ketchup".  It's stuff that you probably have already seen around the internet here or there, but maybe you are like me and are always behind the times.

Firework - great impressions of great singers all in one song.  Good and funny.  Unless you have no taste.  In which case, I have no idea why you are here.  Clearly, everyone reading this will find this lady's voice to be great and the premise to be funny.

Inspiring story - worth watching - found via Stanley Clan.  If you like to cry or if you like to smile, this story is for you.

This is's like 20 seconds, so not a big time commitment.  But will make you laugh out loud and probably even snort.

That's it for today's edition of Crusty Ketchup.