Thursday, June 2, 2011

piles of....

Grass.  We have piles of grass in our yard. 

Here's what happens:

We wait too long to mow our grass. 

When we DO mow our grass, it needs to be raked.  (We don't have a bagger and we have a pretty big front and back yard.)

Let me just insert here that I am not an outdoors person.  I don't like to be outside.  Frydaddy mows the grass around here.  However, once in awhile, I will don my old sneakers and inform him that I will mow.   With the riding mower, of course.  And only if he gets it out of the barn, parks it in front of the steps and leaves it running so I can jump on and go.

Anyway, back to the piles. 

We wait too long, then it needs to be raked, then the piles need to be collected and thrown over the fence.  Usually frydaddy does all of this by himself, plus the weed whacking. 

A few weeks ago, I decided to be superfrymomma and I mowed while he weed whacked, and then I raked while he mowed all of the places I don't mow.  (like under the trees and on the hills.) 

Although I mowed and raked, the one thing I refuse to do is pick up the piles and throw them over the fence.  I get poison really easily & very badly, so I avoid touching the grass, even with gloves.

The piles never got picked up.

Fast forward another week or so.  The mowing is overdue once again, PLUS, the piles are brown lumps of dead grass all over the place. 

I mow again-round two.  I mowed right over the piles and then raked it up again.  (This time only the back yard got raked because it was hot outside.)

So now, we are on round 3 of "our grass needs to be mowed again" and we have super piles of dead, partially wet brown grass all over the place. 

Guess what?  Fool me once, shame on you - Fool me twice, I'm not raking again because it's just a waste of time and energy since you & I both know that we are just going to run right over those piles with the lawn mower, so why rake it up in the first place?

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