Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the disappearing dead bug

I hate crickets.

Their noises are maddening.  Especially when it's just one cricket screeching away while you are trying to sleep.   Worse than Chinese water torture.

The way they crawl gives me the heebie jeebies.  They're supposed to jump.  They creep me out when they crawl.  It's like they are trying to be sneaky.  gross.

And they are hard to kill because you can't just stomp them like you can a spider.
They have too many guts that squirt out.

I lightly stepped on one the other day in my basement.  Enough to kill.  Not enough to squish.  I left it for superfrydad to dispose of because I don't touch them.

Later I went back downstairs and the cricket was gone. 

I hate when you kill a bug & then it disappears. 

One time my sister, Pee (yes, that's her real nickname) trapped a huge spider under a glass so her hubby (SonofaDutch) could kill it when he got home. 

She went back later only to find that the giant spider had lifted up the cup and escaped.  It probably went straight under her pillow to make a nest. 

And one time I saw something out of the corner of my eye while I was at my computer desk.  My brain said, "Oh look, there's a little frog" and I started to reach for it. 

Then I realized it was a spider. 

And it disappeared.  I looked everywhere and could not find it.

I can't stand to think about bugs that you only semi-kill or can't find to kill.  They are somewhere, lingering, just waiting to crawl inside your mouth while you are sleeping.  eeeewww.


  1. Okay, I've tried three stinking times to comment on this thing....maybe this time I'll have success. :) You should see the size of the cockroaches in the south. They are horrible, and they FLY. They are everywhere, no matter how clean or dirty your house is. They even have their own "cutesy" southern name--the Pametto Bug. I can tell you horror stories about these things, but I'll spare you. Here's a TRUE fact though--these things can live for HOURS without a HEAD!!!!!

  2. Eww...flying cockroaches should be against the law.