Saturday, July 30, 2011


I have a bad relationship with my name.  See my first post.

My initials?  ALF

My husband thinks this is hilarious.  I do not.

My name backwards?  ASSila

One of my friends used to think this was hilarious.  I did not.

The name of my blog in acronym form?  KWTF

I am mortified that I spent so much time thinking about the perfect name for my family blog, and now I've discovered that it includes unintentional profanity.

So now I guess I have to always type out Ketchup with the Frys.....I was hoping my blog would get to the place where I could give it a cute acronym or cool nickname, kind of like JLo or SCsquared (does anyone knows who SCsquared is?)

Anyway, I guess the curse of my name follows me here on the blogosphere too.

And if you know who SCsquared is, let me know.  You can't google it, because you won't get the right answer, so don't try.  There's no prize anyway, because this is a loser blog with no sponsors.  If I did have sponsors, I would give you something.  But you just wasted like 2 minutes reading a blog called KWTF, so I wouldn't waste anymore time thinking about SCsquared because you're not going to get anything for it.

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