Sunday, July 3, 2011

pioneer woman

I like the Pioneer Woman.  I really do. 

Her blog is one that I read often and I like to think that she is a genuinely funny and nice person.

But as with all things, I can always find something to pick at, even if it's something I like.

So here goes:

PW has too many pics of her dog's crotch on there.  It's just uncomfortable after a while.

The ratio of animal pics (dog/cattle/horse/cat) vs. people pics is skewed.  In my world, animals should not garner as much or more attention as people. 

The Marlboro Man thing is kind of cute & funny until you realize she actually wrote a book about the way they met, etc. etc....which kind of makes me think PW sold out a long time ago.

She's too "city" to call herself Pioneer Woman.  Anyone who can say that an eyeliner that costs $50 is awesome has clearly not assimilated into ranch life.

She constantly says she's fat, has alien hands, and makes fun of her past fashion choices.  Clearly, she's not fat, her hands are fine and who hasn't made a bad fashion choice in the past?  This gets on my nerves.  You should have to have a permit to say you're fat because it's one of my biggest pet peeves when people who are not fat say they are fat....but I digress.

Anyway, since I only have 13 followers, none of which will be offended by my Pdub bashing, I felt I could let this out.  If someone from the PW camp comes lurking around KFryville and finds something they don't like, well, that's just AWESOME because it means my tiny little blog got a hit from PW! 

I mean, if someone doesn't like what I say, then they can go read the Pioneer Woman.  Clearly she's doing something right.  Even if it's mostly just creepy pictures of basset hounds and recipes for things that contain a lot of butter.

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