Saturday, July 9, 2011

real ketchup=my kids new room

Our house is very small.  The bedrooms are tiny.  We chose the smallest one to use as a nursery and then it just morphed into a bedroom.  The other one, the "bigger" one - if you count slightly larger than a really tiny one "bigger", we used as a toy room. 

So now that superfrykid (I gotta get some better pseudo-nicknames around here, but that's all I've got for now).....anyway, now that superfrykid is almost in 1st grade, we decided she needed to switch rooms.

The toy room had a super wide wallpaper border around the entire room, which I removed in about 6 hours with a sponge and a Pampered Chef stone scraper thing.  And the toy room was painted a yellow-orange kind of color. 

Did I mention I used a Pampered Chef stone scraper to remove a ton of wallpaper? 

We painted over the orange-yellow with "Lime Rickey" from Sherwin Williams.  It's kind of a cross between lime green and Kermit green. 

Because we're subtle like that.

Anyway, surprising us all, the room is turning out pretty cute.

My sister Pee (Yes, that is her real nickname) bought the owl pillow for her because I said no because I thought it was too expensive.  Turns out, it kind of makes the room.  Thank you, my sister!  Love the owl.

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