Thursday, July 14, 2011

swimming lessons

Superfrykid (let me know if you have a better suggestion for pseudo-names because this frystuff is getting on my nerves).....anyway, my daughter is taking swimming lessons. 

She is in the Level 1 class.

Last year, her class was still playing ring around the rosies and "we all blow bubbles!"....I was hoping that this year would be better, since the name of the course included the word "level", which seems to indicate that there is some "level" of swimming going on instead of dipping your bangs in the water and going down the froggy slide at the end of class.

I'm not sure what Level 1 includes.

Watching from the sidelines, it appears to include about 10 kids hanging onto the side of the pool while 4 teenagers talk and make motions in the air.

Some of the motions are swimming motions, like an arm moving through the water.

Call me crazy, but wouldn't it be more beneficial to the kids for them to actually MOVE their arms through the water instead of watching an overtanned, longhaired teenage boy raise his hand above his head over and over?

I watched one of the instructors today (let's call him Mr. Swimmers) for a good part of the class.  As the kids are holding onto the side of the pool, he is scooping up water with one hand and throwing it up into the air in a vertical line while slapping horizontally with the other hand.  When Mr. Swimmers is not doing his water slapping trick, he plays the drums on his stomach.  Meanwhile, the kids watch him instead of watching the other 3 who are "teaching". 

One of the other moms there said that Mr. Swimmers slapped and drummed the entire time during the class before this one too.

I have a feeling the water slapping and tummy drumming mean he is bored.

Here's a tip, Mr. Swimmers:  You're getting paid to teach little kids how to swim.  Maybe if you & your cohorts would actually do that, you wouldn't be bored and you wouldn't have to invent little games to amuse yourself.

I am hoping that level 2 will be better.  And by better, I mean, maybe you learn to swim in level 2?

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