Saturday, July 23, 2011

nascar prayer

Superfrydad likes Nascar.  Yes, that's the man I married.  No, I didn't care at the time, but it does annoy me now.  But I'm not perfect either, so I won't go there.  Anyway....

Tonight I happened to catch a glimpse of a few moments of the pre-race show for the Nationwide series.  They have a prayer and then the National Anthem. 

The prayer was quite possibly the worst prayer I've ever heard.  (The funniest one was one time when I was at my friend's house as a kid & my friend said "Amen, hot dog." at the end of grace.  It was not very funny to her parents.  It was almost as bad as saying a cuss word. Shout out to Day By Day and Simply Us!)

The pastor was praying and saying things like, "thank you, Lord, for Sunoco gas", "thank you, Lord, for Good Year tires."....then he said, "thank you for my smokin' hot wife".

Say what?

What is this world coming to?  I mean, it's nice that Nascar offers a prayer before the race, and often the pastors read them off of a piece of paper, which is ridiculous.  This brings it to a new low.   They should just not have it if they are going to make a mockery of it. 

(stepping down from high horse now)

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  1. I totally agree!!! I hadn't heard the entire prayer just snippets, but it still made me mad!

    Oh and by the way I do believe "Amen, hot dog" was followed by a hardy "Let's Eat!!" :)