Monday, July 18, 2011

common sense - is there an app for that?

Last night we watched a few minutes of a show that was called something like, "I Survived" or "I Shouldn't Be Alive" or "I almost died, but I didn't" know the ones.

This guy was saying he was in the lobby of his hotel in Haiti when the earthquake happened.  His leg was badly injured & he said he was covered in rubble.  It was super dark, so he crawled to the elevator and got out his cell phone.  Then he said something like this:

"My phone didn't have any service, but I did remember I had a first aid app, so I looked up what to do for bleeding since my leg was bleeding really badly.  It said to wrap it up and apply pressure, so I took my shirt off and used it to wrap up my leg."

Let me say 2 things here:
1.  Why would you crawl to the elevator after an earthquake?  I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge that you don't take the elevator in case of fire.  Even though there are no signs in elevators instructing you to NOT use them in case of an earthquake, I'm pretty sure you shouldn't. 

2.  Did you really need your first aid app on your cell phone to tell you that if you are bleeding, you should wrap it and apply pressure?

I just don't see myself firing up my first aid app post any natural disaster.

Is there a common sense app? 

Because this guy might find that handy at some point too.

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