Friday, March 2, 2012

American Idol

I've been "watching" American Idol this season.  And by "watching", I mean recording it and then fast forwarding through a good bit of it.

Last night, they chose the Top 13.  America voted for the Top Ten, and then the judges chose 6 to come back and sing in order to choose 3 more.   Follow me?

The 6 people chosen to come back and sing for their lives were:

1.  Jen Hirsch - she is a great singer, but when they showed the clip of her with her "family vineyard", it made me not want to root for her.  I like an underdog.  I'm not sure why I equate family vineyard with a non-underdog, but I do.  I think America agreed with me.   A good choice by the judges to give her another chance because based on her voice alone, she deserved it.

2.  Jeremy Rosado - he is a great singer, likeable, and kind of an underdog.  Good choice.

3.  Brielle Von Hugel - she seems like a spoiled brat.  And she did not sing well.  And her mom was obnoxious.  I guess the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.  Bad choice by the judges to even give her another chance.  They should have given a chance to Adam Brock aka "White Chocolate".

4.  Deandre Brackensick - am I the only one who does not like his singing?  I don't know what all of the  hype is about him.  Plus, he flicks his hair in quite an annoying manner.   And by annoying, I mean super duper flicking a la Willow Smith.  Bad choice by the judges to bring him back.  I liked Aaron Marcellus better.

5.  Erika Van Pelt - I really like her voice.  Seems to be down to earth and confident. She totally deserved another chance and the spot in the Top 13. 

6.  Reed Grimm - I think he actually is talented.  However, he knows it and is annoying about it.  The drums, the taking off of the outer shirt, the giant fake's too much.  Plus, he looks like the worm from The Labyrinth.  Google it if you don't know what that is.  Wait.  If you don't know The Labyrinth, you won't get it, so just nevermind.  Just take my word for it that he looks like a wrinkly worm with a British accent.

I don't have enough time to discuss the rest, but let me just say that when HeeJun is voted off, I will be greatly disappointed.  He is hilarious and quite possibly the best part of American Idol this year.


  1. HA!! I totally agree about Deandre....I mean the hair drives me crazy. He reminds me of Milli Vanilli!!!
    HeeJun is my favorite by far!!

  2. OMG!! I cannot STAND HeeJun!!! He bugs me worse than the Milli Vanilli hair-flicking guy (who also bugs me quite a bit). I was quite ticked off to see Creighton go. I really liked him and thought he was amazingly talented. And I kind of liked his underdog quality.... I was stupified that HeeJun and Jermaine both made it into the top 13.....I think they both sing well, but nothing I would ever consider buying or downloading in the next century.....