Monday, March 19, 2012

food network

I watch the Food Network.  Kind of a lot.

I have some pet peeves.

Here they are:

1.  Bobby Flay's Speech
Have you heard Bobby Flay speak?  It's so annoying.  He can't say "r".  He says "w" for "r" and "l".  So instead of saying "roast beef", he says "woast beef". Or instead of saying "My name is Bobby Flay," he says, "My name is Bobby Fway." You'd think that the big wigs at Food Network would not put him on every single show they air.  Plus, he kind of seems like a jerk and a snob.  A snerk, if you will.

2.  Paula Deen's Sons
I know that her restaurant in Georgia is called "The Lady and Sons".  However, I don't care for her sons, Jamie and Bobby.  They are clearly riding their mother's coattails.  Which is quite a feat, considering her coattails are probably covered in butter, which is slippery.

3.  Rachel Ray & Emeril Lagasse
Do I need to really say what bothers me about them?  I did like both of them at first.  However, now they have become the male and female versions of the most annoying person ever.  And Emeril looks puffy.  If you've seen him on  Bravo's Top Chef, he looks like he's going to literally explode at any moment.  I do have Rachel Ray's cookware and some of  her utensils, and I really like them.  But I'm pretty sure she had nothing to do with it, so she gets no points for that.

4.  Giada DeLaurentiis
I read on another blog (I can't remember where), that she had creepy hands.  I looked and she does.  I can't get over it.  Plus, it's clear she never eats and if she does, she pukes it back up.  And if she is just naturally thin or exercises & eats a healthy diet, then that's even more annoying.  She can't win here.

I'm sure there are other things that are annoying about the Food Network, but they will have to wait until another time.   Excuse me while I go get a snack.  Probably a prepackaged one.  Take that, Bobby Fway.

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  1. have never liked Bobby Flay!! I have to say I kinda do even though he talks funny. I have to say that another person that erks me is the guy on Cupcake Wars...I mean really? So annoying!! Anyways....thanks for the laugh :D