Sunday, March 25, 2012

S'more Butt

Have you been enjoying an early Spring where you live?

I sure am.   I'm not a hot weather kind of girl, but I must admit that I am loving the 70 degree weather in March thing that's been happening around here.

To celebrate, we had a little campfire the other night and made s'mores

I always like the idea of s'mores better than the actual s'mores. 

Here's my issue with s'mores:
The Graham Cracker:  it's just too dry.  Even if you make an open-faced s'more, it's still a lot of graham cracker and it overtakes the chocolate and the marshmallow.

The Chocolate:  there's a fine line that chocolate must walk to be s'more-worthy.  If you just plop a square on at the last minute, it's too hard.  If you try to melt it a little, it becomes too drippy.

The Marshmallow:  obviously this is the most important part.  Everyone has their own preference, each with its own pitfalls.  People who like theirs just lightly toasted have to wait until the party is almost over and the fire is dying down.  If you like it burnt, there's always the danger of flinging a fiery marshmallow into someone's hair if your shake instict kicks in before you can blow it out.  Then there's the sticky part.  I hate for my hands to feel sticky and there is just no getting around the stickiness.

The Fire:  a perfect campfire is a must.  Too much fire is not good.  Too little fire is no fun.  Superfry dad is always in charge of the fire, because clearly that is not my job.  He put a "little" gas on the fire to get it going the other night.  Hence, the fire smelled like a Texaco station about to blow up.

S'mores also make you really thirsty.  The other night, Superfry kid ran inside to get a drink.  Unbeknownst to me, she left her s'more in my chair.  I was standing up on the opposite side of the fire, trying to roast a perfect marshmallow.  After it caught on fire, I came over and sat down in my chair.  But Superfry kid's s'more was there first.

I stood up, thinking I just sat on a graham cracker.  However, the s'more was attached to my butt.  It was now a butt s'more. 

Thankfully, we got a picture.  Here it is. 

Disclaimer:  this may or my not be a real representation of how big my butt is.  They say the camera adds 10 lbs.

I'm pretty sure that a s'more on your butt adds more than 10 lbs.

And yes, I am wearing  high-water sweatpants with socks and sandals.  But you probably didn't notice because I have a giant s'more coming out of my butt crack.


  1. I noticed. You always notice high-waters before you notice a butt s'more. I just recently became aware that the sock/ sandal uh... fashion, well... wasn't, so I won't call party foul there, but at first glance I thought they were old lady slippers. I was like, "wow, she wears old lady slippers." If I had multiple personalities I would have pointed and chuckled with one of them about you. Thankfully for you I am sane... on paper.

    1. Well, they are kind of old lady slipper/sandals. They are a size too small and about 10 years old. Ugh, even my feet have gotten fat over the years. I wear them outside at my house but nowhere else. I do however, wear those pants in public from time to time. I usually look around for Stacy & Clinton when I do.

  2. that is hysterical! I will now call you MB, for marshmallow butt!

    1. Did you notice my fancy logo? I finally took the 30 seconds I needed to figure out how to put it on here! Yay! Thank you!!!