Thursday, March 22, 2012

Free Today

So my little blog is not even what most would consider a "real" blog.

I don't have sponsors, I don't do giveaways.

But today all of that is changing.

Today, I ran across an offer from Mob Society via a blog called When You Rise.  They are offering a free e-book about praying for your sons called Warrior Prayers:  Praying the Word for Boys In the Areas They Need It Most. 

By passing on this information to you, my dear reader(s), I will receive the free e-book.  Guess what else?  Since I'm blogging about it, they will also give one to me for one of my readers.

I know what you're thinking.  You don't have boys.

Yes, that's true.

However, I do have a daughter.  I want to know what you moms of boys are praying so I can pray with you.  Hopefully some day, my daughter will find a man she wants to marry and I can only hope that he has a mother who prayed for him as he grew up.

Anyway, I'm kind of excited b/c this makes me feel like my blog is now legit. 

Actually, not really.

If this blog were awesome (more awesome?  awesomer?), I would be giving away something myself, not trying to pass off someone else's giveaway as my own.

But, whatever.  I'm excited about the book.  And I totally plan to pray for my daughter whatever you are praying for your boys. 

Because anything boys can do girls can do better I think all of our children could benefit from our prayers.

And if any of the members or lurkers comment below, I will choose the person I like best to give the extra e-book to. 

I'm fair like that.


  1. I have boys!! I have boys!!! (Although I have absolutely no idea how you're going to get a book to SC unless you plan to ship it to me.....) It's funny--I always read the posts about daughters, and I think that I'm going to have to make sure my boys are NOT "those boys" who would ever treat a girl with anything less than respect. I have James Dobson's book "Raising Boys." It's really great, too. And, coincidentally, I pray for my future daughter-in-laws already, too. :)

  2. Eh, I really don't want the book. I am not really an avid reader. :/ I am only posting to prove to myself that, if in fact I did want the book, you would pick me, because you like me best... because I am likeable... and not weird and that anyone who thinks I am weird is wrong. And there are a lot of wrong people in the world, but not you. You are right because you would have picked me... if I had wanted the book.

  3. I have boys, 3 of them. Today we have been trapped inside on a rainy Saturday. I'm running my own special, take one get two free!

  4. Is their a book that teaches you to pray for yourself? I think I need the prayers more than my son..... Now that I think about it, he needs the prayers to live with me.