Sunday, February 26, 2012

things that go burp in the night

In the Fry family home, it's not the bump in the night that you listen for.

It's the burp in the night.

Superfrykid has a sensitive gag reflex. 

This might be a good point to stop if you don't like stuff that's gross.  Like barf.

Superfrykid has a sensitive gag reflex.  I can't tell you how many times she's barfed in the middle of the night because she burped and kind of choked at the same time.  We have become professionals at catching it before it happens.

It's almost like the pop that happens before the fire in the Fire Swamp.  Remember, in The Princess Bride when Wesley & Buttercup go into the Fire Swamp and there are like random flames that shoot up willy nilly?  But they figure out that there is a popping/hissing noise before it happens, so they avoid turning into toast.

That's kind of what happens at our house.  Superfrykid lets out an oddly loud burp and then you have approximately 3 seconds to point her face away from you and into a trashcan or preferably, the toilet.

This used to happen all the time when she was younger.  Now that she's older, it doesn't happen as often.  Thank goodness.

However, I still hear the burp in the night from time to time and it makes me bolt upright out of bed and into action.  I could probably make it through the Fire Swamp quite nicely.  I wish I looked like Buttercup from The Princess Bride.  Sadly, I'm more like a cross between Valerie (Miracle Max's wife) and the Albino.

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