Wednesday, September 28, 2011

why in the world wonders

Why do nicknames not make sense sometimes?

There are a lot of these nicknames and they really bother me.  They make no sense at all.  I wonder why in the world anyone would come up with them.  Hence, my post title, why in the world wonders.  It kind of sounds like a Jeopardy category, doesn't it?

I'll take Why in the World Wonders for $400, Alex.

The nickname for William that makes no sense.....Bill.

The nickname for Margaret that is really off base....Peggy

The nickname for Richard that nobody wants....Dick

The nickname for Henry that is pointless b/c it's not any shorter and contains 3 of the same letters....Harry

I'm all for a nickname that makes sense and makes your life easier. 

If your name is Alexander, by all means, go with Alex.
If your name is Christopher, by all means, go with Chris.
If your name is Jennifer, by all means, go with Jen.
If your name is Humperdinck, by all means.....change your legal name because your choices are not good.  Not good at all.

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