Friday, September 9, 2011

points for me

So as I mentioned, I am now a professional Lunch Lady, and today was a very special day.

It was Beefaroni Day.

That's not why it was special, but I just thought you might be wondering what was for lunch.  You probably think I'm lying about the Beefaroni to try and be funny, but no, it really was Beefaroni.

Like I said, today was a very special day because it was the first official after school dance of the year.  I am kind of fascinated by how many kids seemed genuinely excited about it. 

A few of them were even practicing their dance moves in the lunch line. 

Points for me.

I'm not sure how many points I should get for this, but here's how it went:  I see a few of the kids dancing a little while they are waiting in line so I ask them if they are practicing for tonight's dance.  They say yes.  Point for a response.  Then they proceed to break it down and bust out their best moves. 

It was my best day at work so far this year.

One, they spoke to me.  Two, the dance moves were fabulous.  Three, I did not laugh. 

Here's what I think the points breakdown should be:
+1 They spoke words to me that were coherent. 
+100  They gave a spontaneous sampling of their best dance moves.
+1,000,000 I DID NOT LAUGH - I kept it together and nodded approvingly. 

I love my job.

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