Saturday, September 3, 2011

a fight over cheese slices

Tomorrow we are having a birthday party for Superfrykid, who turned 7 on Friday.  We will be having hotdogs and hamburgers.  I mentioned that I went to WalMart (aka the Ghetto of the Twilight Zone) and I purchased all of the party fodder.

As I mentioned in my other post, I forgot my list.

I forgot to get cheese for the hamburgers. 

This morning my husband asked me if I needed him to pick up anything.  I told him to please get a 24 pack of sliced cheese.

I returned home to find this:

Cheese?  Check
Sliced Cheese? Check
24 Slices?  Check

What you can't see is the price tag.

He purchased the cheese at our local store, which I happen to never go to for 2 reasons: 
#1  It's too expensive
#2 You smell like a sub when you come out (not a yellow submarine kind of sub, a sub sandwich kind of sub)

Guess how much they were.

That's right.  $3.55 EACH

That's $11.29, including tax for 24 slices of cheese. 

For some reason, this REALLY irked me.

We cannot afford to pay $11.29 for 3 packs of sliced cheese.  Maybe this is the difference between men and women.

A woman would never pay $3.55 for an 8 pack of cheese unless her car was broken down, she had no cell phone, and she had 8 starving children to feed with no other means to care for them but to buy the cheese that should be layered in gold. 

The thing that really burns me is that he was RIGHT BESIDE WalMart today replacing water heater elements for someone.  He hates to go into WalMart, which I understand.  However, he could have easily come home a different route, and he would have passed a Food Lion.  I'm pretty sure Food Lion has sliced cheese.  In packs of 24, no less.

So right now, he is downstairs pouting because I told him to NEVER EVER buy anything there unless I specifically ask him to go there in an emergency.  Apparently, that was offensive to his ears.

Which makes me wonder, how have we gotten through 17 years of marriage if 3 little packages of sliced cheese can cause a fight?

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  1. LOL Dang that is a lot for cheese! I hate going in there too... I always beg Shawn to b/c I hate how I smell, especially if I didn't wash my hair that day. For some reason it really clings to me then.