Tuesday, January 17, 2012

someone stole my ketchup

I was perusing the internets the other day & came across a blog that contained something called the"Weekly Ketchup", complete with a cute little ketchup packet decorated with her blog's logo.

Even though it wasn't my idea first, I totally feel like she stole my idea that I haven't had yet.  Know what I mean? 

Eventually, I would have come up with that and KWTFs would have a little feature on Sundays that includes a weekly "ketchup" session, complete with a picture of a custom-designed ketchup packet.

It even says "tear here" on it. 

Why can't I make cute little digital designs in the shapes of ketchup packets?  waaaaaaaah

Alas, I will have to stick with my generic little blogger blog.  No cute logos, no paid ads, no awesome tagline,

My blog is kind of like my life....I would love to be creative, organized, fashion-forward, cutting-edge, sophisticated, and just generally envy-worthy.  The reality is that I'm kind of boring, messy, generic, dorky, and just generally laugh-worthy. 

It's that way with this blog.  I would love it to be popular, witty, charming, informative, thought-provoking, and aesthetically lovely.  The reality is that it's none of those.

But you know what?

I am what I am. 

So is my blog.

Accept me the way I am.

Accept my blog the way it is.

Ketchup packetless.


  1. Ketchup packets are highly over-rated and only a good thing in times of desperation....like when you are forced to eat fast food and don't have the option of enjoying the ketchup from the pump in those little white cups. Ketchup from packets is too watery and has a wierd consistency. I like your ketchup much better. It's real, it's out there, it's good, and it makes me come back for more. :) Maybe you should use a ketchup bottle graphic....but it must be Heinz...none of that yucky crap. Make it the real thing.....because that's what I like about your blog. :)

  2. Around here ketchup packets only cause 5 year old meltdowns in the middle of Chick-Fil-A so I'd say if you can avoid ketchup packets than you are one melt down closer to an empty nest!