Thursday, January 26, 2012

shower curtain

Here's the current fight debate that's a hot topic in the Fry household:

How much should you pay for a shower curtain liner?

Superfrydad & I have 2 different theories about this.

My theory (aka the right one):
Shower curtain liners should be purchased at Dollar Tree.  Yes, they are cheaply made.  But that's the point.  Why pay more?  They last for a good while and by the time the little holes at the top start to rip, it's gross anyway, so you WANT to throw it away.  I like to be able to change it frequently and I would feel obligated to keep a gross one up there if I paid more for it.

Superfrydad's theory (aka the wrong one):
Expensive is better.  Those dollar liners are like hanging up a garbage bag and then taking a shower.

The thing that bothers me is that Superfrydad acted annoyed and offended that I buy cheap shower curtain liners.  Like it's a character flaw or something. 

He's just now realizing this?  We've been married for 17 years and I'm pretty sure that I am the person who has purchased every single one of our shower curtain liners.  I think that makes me the expert around here. 

So guess what?  Today I bought a shower curtain at Dollar Tree and I think I'm going to tell him I bought a more expensive one & see if he knows it or not.

And yes, this is the most exciting debate so far this week in the Fry household. 

So now you can:
a.  be smug about the fact that you have a microfiber shower curtain liner from Bed Bath & Beyond that cost $20 (I could change my liner every week for almost a year for $20!)
b.  be smug about the fact that you have a glass enclosed shower that has no soap scum on it
c.  be smug about your own life based on the fact that you have much more exciting fights with your spouse than ones about shower curtain liners

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  1. I mean, I buy from Wal-mart or Target, so I guess that's not much better. (Although they DO have the reinforced holes at the top and you can now get the ones that are mildew resistant--and they actually work pretty darn well.) If I just gave away how long it's been since I've changed my shower curtain liner, well, now you know. :)