Friday, January 13, 2012


Quick.   Think of people named Orville

Orville Wright and Orville Redenbacher, right?

Unless you have a really old great-uncle named Orville, I'm pretty sure they are the only Orvilles that come to mind.

The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur, who are credited with inventing the first airplane.  And Orville Redenbacher, the popcorn guy.

We have someone in our family who is an adult, a college graduate, a spouse and a parent, WHO DIDN'T KNOW WHO ORVILLE REDENBACHER IS.

What is up with that?

Call me old, but if you don't know who Orville Redenbacher is, you:
a.  have lived under a rock your entire life
b.  were raised by wolves
c.  are a baby and can't eat popcorn yet

I'm just sayin.

Love you, relativewhohasnocluewhoorvilleredenbacheris.

And also, what was wrong with the Wright Brothers parents?  Orville and Wilbur?  Are those like the cool/weird names of the late 1860's?  Everyone else was going with John or William, but not Mrs. Wright.  She wanted to be cool, so she chose Orville and Wilbur.  

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  1. The people who don't know who Orville Redenbacher is are the same ones who say things to me like the following:

    1. "I hope when I'm your age, my legs still look that good." --...MY AGE?!?! How freaking old am I? Apparently so old that I should not have some semblance of nice legs....apparently....
    2. Him- "I've never heard of the movie Tombstone." Me (after searching on Google)--"How can you not have heard of Tombstone? You know, Kurt Russell, Val just came out in 1994...." Him - "Rachel, I was 2 in 1994." Me- "........"
    3. "Who are the Beatles?"
    4. Guest to me in reference to my 21 year old server: "Are you her mother?" (I was 31 at the time.) What I wanted to say: "Yes, ma'am. I was TEN when I had her. Wanted to get a head start on the rest of the baby's mamma's in town."
    5. My mother to me three days ago on my 35th birthday: "Geez, do you know how old it makes me feel that you're 35?!" Me: "Sure, Mom, because it makes me feel like a spring chicken that I'm SO OLD that you now realize how old you are....."