Thursday, January 19, 2012

one of my roles

I have several roles that I play in life:  wife, mother, lunch lady, Sunday School teacher, laundress, chef cooker of dinner, etc. etc.

I am also the official "car follower" for Superfrydad.

I am forever following this man while he is driving a tractor, backhoe, or truck loaded with 25 couches.

My job is to follow behind in the car and make sure that nothing falls off and also pick him up at the end of the destination, if needed.

Sounds easy, right?

Well, it is easy.  I mean, we're usually driving slowly so I can text while driving so I can enjoy the scenery and take my time.  Also, Superfrykid is almost always in the backseat, so I get to listen to her whine spend quality time talking with her.

The hard part is the worry about the unknown.

What if the couch falls off and hits my windshield?  Glass will get in my eyes!  Then I can't see!  Then I might crash into a tree!

What if someone tries to pass us on a double line?  Obviously there will be someone coming the other way & I might have to swerve off the road & crash into a tree.

What if the hay on the trailer rubs against the tire & catches on fire?....wait, this actually happened once so I know what happens.  It all works out.  As long as you figure out you're on fire before it can spread.  Hay & fire don't generally get along.

Something else that happens from time to time is that a line of about a billion cars will be behind us while he's driving something large that travels at 12 miles per hour.  I will try to call him to let him know to LOOK BEHIND HIM and pull over before the guy behind me goes crazy & rams me.  He never picks up.

Really?  You know I'm driving right behind you & you can't pick up the phone?  What if I'm calling to let you know you're on fire?  Which, as we know, can happen. 

Anyway, if you fill this role for someone in your life, you will feel my pain.  If not, go back to eating your bon bons and living your easy life.

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