Monday, February 6, 2012


Here's another nugget of life with the Fry family to dip in your ketchup:

Superfrydad and I were watching something on TV & this little old lady was interrupting a broadcaster and tapping on his arm to get his attention while he was trying to talk into the camera. 

Superfrydad says, "Look at that old battle-ack."

I snicker and say, "It's battle-ax, not battle-ack."

He says, in a most annoyed voice, "No it's not."

I snort.

He says in a high pitched voice, "It's Battle-ACK!  That's what everyone says!  You're wrong, there's no such thing as a battle-ax."

I laugh like I've never laughed before because I realize that he is dead serious.  Nothing I said could convince him that he was wrong.

Then he got mad, because he's a baby  because I could not let it go. 

"Battle-ackin', crack-a-lackin'" (said in Marty the Zebra's voice from the movie Madagascar)

"Men, it's time for us to fight!  Get your Battle-ACKS & defend yourselves!" (said with an accent a la Braveheart.  Try it, it's hilarious.)

"Battle-ack, Shmattle-ack"

Finally, he conceded and admitted that I was right. 
But only after I  hounded him for several minutes and nearly choked myself laughing. Thankfully, we do  not own a battle-ax, so he could not fling it at me.

These are the moments in life that I cherish, because I love to be right.  I love to be right even more if Superfrydad is wrong and double points if it's the hilariously funny kind of wrong.

Not that battle-axes come up in conversation much around here, but I am patiently waiting for the moment when it's appropriate to make fun of him again for this.  I might have to go see some kind of man-war movie and then I could lean over and whisper, "Honey, is that thing that Viking is holding called a.....battle-ACK? bwahaha!"

It would be a win-win, because not only would I get to say "battle-ack", I would get to eat popcorn too.  Excuse me while I go check the "Now Playing" at Fandango.


  1. I laughed hysterically at this, I must be an old battle-ack.

  2. you could always order Bravehart on demand, I do believe there are battle-acks in that movie.

  3. That is hilarious!! Just this week Jason told me something was "photo-chopped" I laughed out loud and had him repeat himself several times. He just couldn't understand why the kids and I were laughing at him!