Monday, February 20, 2012

this is my formal apology

I must apologize to my husband formally and for all the world to hear.

Remember Battle-ACK?

Well, my niece (the one I accused of buying drugs instead of shrimp) niece and her fiance were over here last night.  My niece was telling us that she said "pigsty" and her fiance made fun of her and said, "No, it's pigSTINE.  A sty is something you get in your eye."  And so she felt stupid & stood corrected. 

That is, until they came over here and she was telling me the story and I told her she was correct & pigSTINE was something he made up.

Which led to a conversation about Battle-ACK.  Everyone else agreed with Superfrydad so I told them to google it.  I was not about to be corrected by people who don't know what a pigsty is. 

So we googled Battlelack (note the addition of the letter l), and guess what?  It's in the urban dictionary.


So I had to say that I was wrong.  And I did.

However, I must say that when I looked up the Urban Dictionary, the word of the day was "Dat Sh** Cray". 
So I apologized, but I still think that I am partially right because clearly the Urban Dictionary is not a reference to guide your life by.  Can I get a what-what?


  1. Okay, so here's an interesting one for you: did you know that when you google "battle ack," YOUR BLOG is the first thing that pops up in the search results!!! Therefore, I believe that makes you the utmost authority on this subject and that it should be deemed that you are right--it is a battle AXE and it is a pigsty!! What the crap is a pig stine anyway?!?!

  2. so you know Urban Dictionary is just a site that any ol' G can post up any thing they want, right? I mean I could totally say Michelle means coolest person ever... oh wait... that IS what that means, but you know what I am getting at, right? And even in street terms, unless that lady your husband was referring to had a zillion cats crawling over her, he used the word out of context so he was still wrong. Just sayin'.