Friday, February 10, 2012

top chef

If you don't watch Top Chef, go ahead & skip this post.  Go to Pinterest or something  instead.  I have a fancy red button over there to the right if you would like to follow my boards.

If you do watch Top Chef, feel free to skip if you have something better to do.  Clearly, since you are here in the first place, you don't, so read on.

I'm so glad that Ed is finally gone!

His chewing while talking thing drove me nuts from day one.

Know what I'm talking about?

When he finishes speaking, he moves his jaw like a typewriter resetting.

It's more annyoing than fingernails down a chalkboard. 

It's like he's grinding his teeth, only in a more annoying manner, if that's possible.

Ed, you are probably a great chef, but I'm glad to not have to watch your jaw pretend to be a typewriter after you speak.

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