Wednesday, August 10, 2011

schmucket recap

Here's a Schmucket List recap:

1.  Do a cartwheel
2.  Rollerskate
3.  Swim in water over my head
4.  Drive a stick shift

I thought I might add something, so here it is:

5.  Dance 
I just can't and I believe it's something you either can or can't do....even if I took lessons, I would not be able to.  Therefore, it's on the schmucket list.

My daughter, I fear, has my dance impaired genes.  However, she does not know it yet.  Because she is 6 years old, she thinks she is Twitch from SYTYCD (soyouthinkyoucandance).  Someday, I know she will add dancing to her Schmucket List.  But for now, she can live in the blissful ignorance of childhood.

Remember her wedding dance moves?  I found out where she got them......Sprout Online.  Barnyard Boogie Game.  It's actually kind of funny.  Sprout has all kinds of moves on there....who knew?

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