Monday, April 30, 2012

sweet sweet frog

Have you been to Sweet Frog?

It's a frozen yogurt mecca shop featuring yummy frozen yogurt and every topping known to man.

One just opened in our little community & so far, I think I've been there.......6 times in 3 weeks.

That sounds like an exaggeration, but sadly, it's true.

I think I may have a new addiction.

So here's a little survey to see how close you are to becoming the next victim fan of the little green frog.

+1      If you have heard of Sweet Frog
+3      If you have been to Sweet Frog
+10    If you have already received 10 punches on your little card
-5      If you have never heard of Sweet Frog
+25   If you are a Facebook fan of your local Sweet Frog
+5     If you try a new flavor each time you go
-5      If you only get one flavor of yogurt per trip
+5     If you get the big bowl instead of the regular sized one
-10    If you turn the spoon the wrong way in the toppings container
-50    If you touch the toppings spoon onto your yogurt and then put back the tainted spoon
-75    If you eat or lick out of your bowl before it's weighed
-5      If you ask if the strawberry poppers are caviar
-5      If you whine or complain about the length of the line
+10   If you write or draw something interesting on their chalkboard

Basically, if you haven't taken your kid there, you are a bad parent should.

It's yummy.

And if you haven't been there, you won't really get this post.  So go.  Then you can come back and add up your points.  While you're there, I recommend the Mountain Blackberry topped with Almonds OR the Chocolate with Peanut Butter Sauce and Golden Grahams.


  1. LOL I'm a bad parent! I would like to go there... I've heard a lot about it. I just find it hard to get out of our little compound. Everything is so far away it seems. Maybe I'll take the boys there this week.

  2. Hey I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Here's the link: