Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Stanley Clan: Made to Fly

This is from a blog I follow called The Stanley Clan.

It was good for me to read today.

Go read it & then come back to me and read the rest of this post.

The Stanley Clan: Made to Fly: A week ago, I had just arrived home from New York, my highlights were fresh and my hair was still coiffed, my nails painted perfectly, m...

Here's what I was GOING to post today:

You know those ads for weight loss supplements that say "Lose Your Stubborn Belly Fat!"?  
Well, I just realized what my problem is.
My belly fat is not stubborn.
It's jolly and happy and jiggly.  
My belly fat is not stubborn.  
It's just fat.  It's too lazy to do anything but just hang out.  Not to mention it also hangs over my waistband.  Maybe if my fat was stubborn, it would get mad and leave.  I need to tick off my belly fat so it becomes stubborn.  Then maybe I can get rid of it.

I think The Stanley Clan had a great post today.
I think I will not dwell on my belly fat today.
I think I will be thankful and be content.
What will you be today?


  1. Other than yours of course... The Stanley Clan is one of my fav blogs. She's real and always kicks me in the butt at the same time.

  2. You're so sweet friend :-) thanks for sharing my post!