Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I am not the walrus

Warning:  this is my attempt at a serious, thoughtful post.  It's sure to not be up everyone's alley, but that's ok.  Your alley can remain ketchupless if you like.  Although, I guess if you have ketchup in your alley, you'd be likely to slip.  Nevermind, this was supposed to be serious.


Let's start over.

So Superfrykid got a little Sunflower Seed Pot in her Easter basket.  We put it in the window and added water and guess what? 

We have some little sunflowers growing.

Notice that the sprouts actually push up the outer shell of the sunflower seed and then when it opens, the outer shell falls off. 

Sometimes growing can be painful.  But getting rid of our crusty outer shell is a necessary part of life.  Why try to hold on to the crustiness? 
Let it go and reach up and grow.

That is all.

Now let's back up a minute.

Did I really just say "Let it go and reach up and grow."?

Someone needs to slap me.

I sound like a bad, sappy version of Dr. Phil. 

Sorry, Dr. Phil.

Not that I think Dr. Phil is going to read this but I gotta cover my bases here.  You never know when the Philster might google his own name & start at the bottom.

 I don't think I'd want him as my enemy. 

Although, how can you really take a man who has a walrus mustache seriously? 

His wife, Robin, however, is a different story.  That lady looks like she would cut you.  Just sayin'.