Sunday, May 6, 2012

life of the party

Superfrydad's niece got married yesterday.

Superfrykid was the flower girl.  Note that everyone else in the picture above is smiling and Superfrykid is sticking out her tongue.  Who does that?

I was worried she would fidget, talk, pick her nose, lift her dress up, sigh, roll her eyes, get her dress dirty before the ceremony, and a plethora of other silly worries that mothers of flower girls have.

However, she did a great job.  She walked slowly down the aisle and stood up front nicely for the entire ceremony.

I was so relieved to get to the reception and have no worries.

Here she is coming into the reception after being announced by the DJ.  I'm not sure why she thinks she is a gangster, but clearly, she has some swagger.

Last year, Superfrydad's other niece got married and Superfrykid busted out some crazy dance moves we didn't know existed.   The Sprinkler and  The Robot were her go-to moves.  If you are my friend on facebook, you can go back to my videos and see the moves for yourself.

Yesterday, Superfrykid added The Dougie to her repertoire, thanks to the bridesmaids, who graciously allowed her to join in their little circle of dancing.

When we were leaving, the bride told Superfrykid she was the life of the party.

And she kind of was.  In her own sprinkler/robot/dougie/travolta way.

The photographer, Day By Day Photography, said that she thinks we might have a party animal on our hands.  I think she might be right.  I don't know where she gets this from, because Superfrydad and I are about the dullest, non-danciest, un-party-like people I know.  Help me, Rhonda.

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