Thursday, April 19, 2012

frozen car doors are not my problem now

Remember I told you about my lovely car?  You know, the one that features a cassette player, floorboards that flood, and, from time to time, frozen car doors?

Last time we talked I had no a/c.  But we recently got it fixed, since summer is quickly approaching.

Or so we thought.  The fixed part.  Not the summer part.

The other day, when it was eighty degrees out, I decided to turn on the a/c.  You can guess what happened.

It was not cold air.  It was more like some giant sweaty person going, "haaaah", into the vent.

So since it's been only a few weeks since it was "fixed", we took it back again for a free re-repair.

Only this time, instead of adding coolant or whatever they did before, they said it needed a new evaporator.

Which, apparently, is not an easy thing to fix.

Because it costs about $690. 

I'm pretty sure my car isn't even worth that much.

Just to be sure, I looked it up on Kelley Blue Book.

Secretly, I thought maybe I was wrong and that looking it up would make me feel better after I confirmed that I was just exaggerating.

The trade in value for my car in fair condition?


The good news?  I am a good estimator.

The bad news?  I am already a sweaty kind of person and a/c is one of the things I really love in life.  Plus, I don't really want to show up to work with sweat rings from driving.  People would think I was working out in my work clothes and not showering before I came to work.  So gross.  On second thought, who am I kidding?  Everybody knows I hate to exercise.

I realize this is a very first-world problem to have. 

I mean, how many people would love to own a car?  Even one without a/c?

How many people would love to have a job to drive to?  Even if they had to show up with sweat rings?

How many people would love to be tall enough to reach the pedals? I was thinking of midgets little people there.  Not a third-world problem that I know of, but you know what I'm saying.

My point here is that I am thankful.  I'm thankful to be healthy and wealthy enough that this is my biggest problem today.

Hopefully I will be able to remind myself of this when I have to keep my arms down at work later this week.


  1. Hey love your blog! It's Lauren, I'm following you now;-)

    1. I wondered who Lemonhead was....thanks for commenting! It made my day!