Saturday, December 3, 2011

fav Christmas ornament

So the post about Christmas carols is now the most viewed post on KWTF.


Can you tell I'm kind of irritated by that?  I mean, what about the fartner post?  I thought that one was pretty good.  But again, whatever.  Christmas is something we all have in common, so I get it.  (Farts are too, but most people are too polite to mention this.  I'm not.)

So, in keeping with what seems to be a popular's post is about Christmas ornaments.

I have ornaments that I made when I was a kid and some from Superfrydad's childhood too.

They are not the most beautiful ornaments, but they have sentimental value, so on the tree they go.

I have this one little plastic ornament that I love.  It's probably the most generic thing in the world, but if I had to put out just one item, this would be a contender.

I also have some old ornaments that were my grandmother's, which are very special to me.

Probably my favorite hand made ornament is this one, which I made in Sunday School in 1981.  I was 5 and I remember carefully putting the glitter around it.  Or maybe I am remembering another time I used glitter and conveniently associate it with this ornament.  Either way, this one makes me feel sentimental and brings back the smells of glue, glitter and the church basement.

Then there's Bert and Grover.  My sister has Ernie and Oscar.  I think I got the best deal out of that one.  Booyah, my sister!

And last, but not least, the scary Santa sleigh.  There's something about it that I love, yet I also think it's kind of creepy.  Who needs Elf on the Shelf when this Santa is watching?

What's your favorite ornament at your house?

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