Friday, December 30, 2011

party pooper

I came across this YouTube video thanks to a blog I follow called Jamie the Very Worst Missionary.

Go watch the video, which is entitled Jennifer is a Party Pooper.  Then come back here for my commentary.

Ok, I hope you came back instead of getting sucked into YouTube and watching all of that guys videos.  I think the Party Pooper is the best one.  I watched 2 or 3 and then they got old.

However, Jennifer the Party Pooper made me laugh both times I watched it.  (I might watch it again later, just to see if the funny sticks.)

Here's why this video is funny:

1.  The accent.  This guy could say, "The sky is blue," and it would be funny.  His accent is hilarious.

2.  Poop.  The word poop is funny.  If we could all just admit this, life would be so much more carefree.

3.  I don't have to list anymore reasons because if you didn't think the first two were funny enough, then you clearly have no sense of humor and any other point I make would clearly not be able to convince you.  You would be officially classed as a  "party pooper".     

And if you didn't laugh at number 1 & 2 and then were unable to even smile at #3, maybe you should do some self-evaluation as the New Year begins, because I'm pretty sure you need to.

Also, as a PS - if you didn't click on Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, you should.  Even if you're not that into religion or whatever, she's a good laugh and might even make you think.  However, she does sometimes use language that may not be appropriate for some, so if you have a stick up your butt  if you don't like foul language, I would not recommend it. Wait, I take that back.  I would recommend it and if you choose to click on it and don't like it, don't say I didn't warn you. 

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

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