Saturday, May 18, 2013

Disney World Planning 101

Disney Trip:  Post 1 of 6

Disney World Planning 101 with KWTF (Ketchup With The Frys)

Superfrydad and I decided that since we are so rich  we will only have a daughter who is 8 years old at this precise moment in time, we would plan a trip to Disney World.

Superfrydad's shirt is an homage to Sheldon Cooper...Bazinga!
And by we, I mean I.  I would plan a trip to Disney World and Superfrydad would drive us there, nod at all of my plans, and smile like he's having a good time.  Also, he carries the backpack.  Below is the best evidence of carrying the backpack I could find.  Superfrykid is making her most attractive face.

There are a plethora of Disney planning sites out there, and it definitely pays to read up and plan ahead of time.  These were my favorites:

1.  WDW Prep School - tells you exactly how to plan a trip to Disney with all of the information or links to information that you need.

2.  Disney Food Blog - being a fat girl a girl who loves food, this blog is tremendously helpful.  Menus, reviews, and dining plan tips.

3.  EasyWDW - this site has awesome crowd calendars that tell you which park to visit on which day.  Also, good reviews of rides and restaurants.

4.  Cheapskate Princess - great money saving tips and general info.

5.  Couponing to Disney - planning information and also a great couponing site.

Of course, you can also check out the official site of Walt Disney World, Disney Parks Moms, disboards, Chip and Co, and the list goes on.  I don't always trust the internet, so talking to a friend who had a recent trip was one of my best resources.  Shout out to my supermomof8friend for letting me pick her brain!  She and her hubby took their kids to Disney recently and getting the 411 from a real person was really helpful.

Stay tuned for more posts about Disney World.....or if you don't care, then don't stay tuned.  Just go do whatever it is that you do in your spare time....clip your toenails, watch Seinfeld reruns, bake a cake in a mug, fashion a pallet into furniture....pretty much anything you see on Pinterest will waste your time just as much as reading this blog.

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