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Disney: Animal Kingdom

Disney Post 5 of 6:  Animal Kingdom
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Animal Kingdom is probably our favorite Disney park.  Some bloggers will say that this is the park to skip if you only have a few days to spend at Disney World.  I disagree.  I think Animal Kingdom is not to be missed.

First off, we went to see the Festival of the Lion King.  It's a live show with singers, dancers, acrobats and really cool giant puppets.

Not the best photo, but I was busy watching the show & not worried about the quality of my pics.

We went on the Kilimanjaro Safari ride, which is a jeep ride where we saw hippos, crocodiles, lions, giraffes, elephants, a rhino and lots of other exotic animals.  

Kilimanjaro Safari Ride

A giraffe.  Did you know there are 2 kinds of giraffes?  I don't know which one this is.  

I don't know what this is, but it has some big horns.

Baby elephant!

By day 2 at Disney, Superfrykid was posing like a pro.

I like to call this my "ode to National Geographic" picture of a random yellow bird.
After the Safari, we waited for a really long time while Superfrykid got a personalized leather bracelet.  Then we went to see "Flights of Wonder", which is a bird show.  Sounds dumb, but it's one of our favorite things at Disney World.  It's funny, it's interesting, it's cool and it's not very crowded.  And you get to see a bald eagle (and lots of other neat birds) up close.

We had Yak & Yeti counter service for lunch.  I got honey chicken with rice and broccoli.  It was really good and the serving size was huge.  Enough for the 3 of us, for sure.

Finding Nemo was next on our list of things to do.  It's a musical with giant puppets, and was our favorite thing from our last trip four years ago.  We enjoyed it again and so did Superfrykid.  Plus, it's inside out of the sun and the rain, which is always a plus.

We saw Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade, which was fun, but I wouldn't be disappointed if I missed it.
Superfrykid got a lift from dad to see the parade.

We asked an elderly foreign man to take our picture.  He pointed the camera into the sky and he was so shaky I was afraid he was going to drop my camera.  Also, his wife would not move out of the way, so this is the picture he took.  We got a big laugh out of them.

Other pics from Animal Kingdom:
The gorillas might have been my favorite animal we saw.

Very big gorilla and his big tub.

Eeyore  & the fam

Safari Donald & the fam

Last pic of the day.....notice my evil queen shirt?  I'm not the princess type.  Evil queen suits me better.

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