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Disney: Hollywood Studios

Disney Post 4 of 6:  Hollywood Studios
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We visited Hollywood Studios on Monday, April 29, 2013.  We chose this park to visit based on the Crowd Calendar at EasyWDW.

All of the blogs I read suggested to get to the parks early to take advantage of the shortest lines of the day for the most popular attractions.  We did this successfully at Hollywood Studios by getting there right before it opened and walking very quickly to Toy Story Midway Mania.

We got in line and waited for about 10 minutes.  The line moved quickly and there are lots of fun things to look at while waiting.

 We got FastPasses before we got in the standby line, so we were able to ride it again later with almost no wait at all.   This is a big deal because if you don't get there early & all of the fastpasses are given out, the standby line wait time for Midway Mania gets to be 90 minutes.   The ride is over very quickly, but was one of our favorites in all of Disney World.

Mr. Potato Head talks and moves - awesome animatronics!
Me & Superfrykid in our 3D glasses.
Superfrykid ready to shoot some targets!
After Toy Story  Midway Mania, we went over to the Magic of Disney Animation and were able to be 3rd in line to meet Wreck It Ralph & Vannelope.  If you haven't seen Wreck It Ralph, I highly recommend it.  I wasn't too interested in seeing it when it first came out, but it's really a fun movie for kids and adults.  

Then we were off to see Beauty & the Beast, which is a live musical.  It's one of my favorite shows at Disney and Superfrykid LOVED it when she was 4 and again this past time at age 8.

We stopped and watched the performance by "Mulch, Sweat, and Shears", which sounds corny, but was actually a really great band.  They played some fun rock and roll classics, and we were glad we happened to be walking by when they played.  This is probably an underrated thing to do at Hollywood Studios.  If you happen to be going to HS, don't miss out on these guys.

One of Superfrydad's favorite shows is "Lights, Motors, Action!", a stunt show featuring fast cars, motorcycles, and stunt guys.  Lightening McQueen makes an appearance, too.

We also saw the Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular Show, which is a lot of fun.  Once you've seen it a few times, it's not quite as exciting.  But it's appealing to all ages and you can take food and drinks in, which you can't do at all shows.  I didn't get any great pics of Indiana Jones OR the Disney Jr. Live on Stage show.  The Disney Jr. show featured Mickey & friends, Sophia the First, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, and Doc McStuffins.  Superfrykid insisted that she was too old to go see this show and wanted to go see The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction instead.  I tried to tell her that she would probably be scared of Pirates and would love the Disney Junior show, because, after all, she does watch Disney Junior.  A lot.  But what do I know?  I'm just a 37 year old mom who clearly doesn't know her daughter.  So we went to The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, which had a long and very annoying line.  Superfrykid cried and buried her head into me during 95% of the show.  Even if you are a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, this was the biggest waste of time we spent in Disney World.  The animation and special effects are cool, but not impressive enough that I would be disappointed to miss it.  After we left The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow, Superfrykid agreed to go see Disney Jr. Live on Stage, which she loved.  And she also apologized to me and acknowledged that I know everything was right.

Ketchup with the Frys - me, Superfrykid & Superfrydad

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