Monday, February 25, 2013

george harrison and a first date

So today is George Harrison's birthday.

You know who George Harrison is, right?

Hint:  He's dead.

Hint:  He's not a president.

Hint:  Think music.

If you don't know who George Harrison is, it's ok.  Just keep reading.  But don't tell me you didn't know, because it will make me think a little less of you.  I'm sure you care.

Today he would have been 70.

Love how he dances in this song.
And then there's this song, written by George.  This is the live version.   

I always remember his birthday because February 25th was the date my first date with Superfrydad.



20 years ago I went on what was possibly the world's lamest date.

First of all, it was a double date.  With people I didn't really know.

Secondly, we went to see a dog movie.  I hate animal movies.

Also, I did NOT like him at all.  And he didn't like me either.

The second date was almost as bad.  We went to Denny's.  With the people from the first double date.

How we made it to the third date is beyond me.

I guess we were either desperate, bored or it was meant to be.

I like to think it was the latter.

Happy Birthday, George Harrison.

Happy 20th Anniversary of our first date, Superfrydad.

You are Something.

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