Monday, October 1, 2012

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me

So I was perusing the Rachel Held Evans blog and found this blog: Bohemian Bowmans.

Bohemian Bowmans is doing a link up with "Five Things You Didn't Know About Me".  I thought I'd link up too.  If you like, you can follow me on facebook, Twitter and/or Pinterest.  Click on the sidebar for Twitter and Pinterest, because I made those button-things and by golly, I want you to use them.  I recommend following all 3 because I may have a stroke of genius you won't want to miss.  However, that stroke of genius may not be posted on all of them because I'm scatterbrained like that.  So follow all of them, just in case.

Anyway, where to begin?  My follower followers are mostly people that I actually know in real life.  I guess someday I will know I've made it in the blogging world when I have lots of strangers who follow me.

Hopefully they will only follow my blog online and not follow me in the parking lot of Wal-Mart in a white van with a sliding door.

On my "about" tab, I list 10 things about me.  I'm pretty sure only 2 people have ever actually looked at that tab, so I think I'm safe to repeat myself here.  Also, I'm sure Bohemian Bowman does not know me, so this is all news to her.

5 Things You Didn't Know About Me (in no particular order)

1.  My home was hit by a tornado.
That's right.  A tornado.  Actually, it was my parent's home, but I lived there.  AND it was 10 days before my wedding.  Nobody was home, thank goodness.  But there's no other feeling like pulling into your driveway and seeing that half of your house is gone.  And no, I do not live in Kansas.  I hope I did not just narrow it down to 49 states for any potential "followers" of the white van variety.

2.  I have hyperhidrosis. (Palmar and Plantar)
It's really just sweaty hands and feet, but it makes me feel better to say palmar hyperhidrosis.  I've discussed my treatment options here on the blog if you are interested.  One of my options involves a battery, a pie pan and an electric shock.  For real, people.

3.  I dislike animals, especially dogs.
I figure this is where I will lose many of you dog-lovers.  I'm ok with that.  But before you leave KWTF and never return, hear me out first.

4.  I've never owned a new car.
In fact, my car features a cassette player and doors that freeze shut and open randomly during winter.  Actually, I now have another car, a 2002 Camry, which we now refer to as the "new car".  That's the kind of family we are.  Our "new" car is 10 years old.  Feeling better about yourself yet?  I'm so glad.

5.  I have seen 2 out of 4 Beatles in concert.
I'm not a concert person.  But I have seen Paul McCartney and Ringo in concert. Not together.  John died when I was a kid and George is also dead, so I won't be completing that list.  I'm okay with that.  I never really liked John that much and although George is my second favorite Beatle, I am content knowing that I didn't have to sit through a concert featuring a sitar.

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  1. great list of 5. wow. a tornado!! i grew up in Louisiana and as a kid the threat of tornados was such that we had tornado drills at school and a few times school was cancelled due to the threat of a tornado. i grew up terrified that our house would get hit with us in it.

    so glad i skated through my Southern childhood with nary a twister in the yard.

    great post. fun to learn random things about others i only know on the internet.helps me remember there's a human being behind that favicon!!

  2. And here we are again, stranger :) I happen to drive a white van, just so you know, lol. I have never had a house hit by tornado, but a few years back when I lived in TN our newly purchased home was flooded... twice in one week. The whole downstairs , including our bed... was completely demolished. I sent weeks pulling my three week old carpet up by hand, and hauling it up the hill to the curb. I was soooooo upset, especially because we didnt have flood insurance :(

  3. Is it totally odd to rejoice in 3 comments from total strangers? Because I am. Rejoicing, that is. The odd part I leave for you to decide. I choose to live in denial about that.