Thursday, June 7, 2012

Me and Rage Against the Minivan

I'm so excited.  I can barely type a coherent sentence.  My hands are sweating & drippy & I hope I don't electrocute myself before I finish this post.


There's this blog called Rage Against the Minivan.

It features a series called "What I Want You to Know", where readers can submit posts about a topic that is personal to them.

I can't remember when I did this, but I'm sure it was a late night and I was reading blogs one after the other & stumbled onto this one.  For some reason I felt the need to submit a post to this series & guess what? It's on there!!!!

Most of my 20 odd readers know this, but if you don't know me personally & lurk about KWTF, you might not know that Superfrykid is not my only child.  We had another daughter, our first child, who died when she was 3 months old.  It devastated me, obviously.  It's been 9 years now and even though life does go on, time does not heal.

Which is basically what I submitted.

You can read the post I submitted here.

Thanks, Rage Against the Minivan!  It's nice to see what others have to say & the other stories you feature really do give insight to what others go through.


  1. HI there,

    I'm so glad that you wrote that guest post. I just read it and wrote a comment. I'm a bereaved mama as daughter Solveig Sofia was born still just over 3 months ago. Thanks for saying what a lot of people would be afraid to say...for sharing the honest truth. I really appreciate that. And I can so relate to what you said.

    I'm a blogger too and have been writing my story if you're interested:

    Bless you,

  2. Thank YOU! Sorry it took so long - my submission box is full of such good stuff that it's a long queue. I really appreciate you sharing your heart.

  3. Seriously, how have you handled the jackass comments? I don't even cuss...ever but I could spit nails im so angry with the things people have said. How can they make YOUR LOSS, YOUR grief, about them. I want to personally punch all of them in the face with brass knuckles on. You were do sweet and gracious to all of them. I'm just still angry and I'm not sure how you werent spewing their own bile back to them. I guess like a fine wine we get better with age? And in my 26 years I haven't mastered it yet? Anyway, I think you're amazing and I pray that those idiots understand their stupidity and correct their mistakes.

  4. Courtney- I agree with you. If I'm honest, several of the comments ticked me off in a major way. People say things from a place of ignorance sometimes (including myself). Since the comments were on someone else 's blog, I tried to be on my best behavior. Believe me, there were some that I typed out my response to and then deleted it because I was too cowardly to actually post it. The graciousness was me trying really hard to not seem like a crazy woman, lol. Kind of like being nice to someone 's face and then rolling your eyes. Some of the comments were very nice and appropriate, so those helped to balance the stupid ones. Thanks for commenting here. I appreciate you saying what you said.

  5. You are so welcome. I was IRATE last night. I was so angry that I couldn't go to sleep. I just couldn't believe that they were giving you dare they. I'm glad that some of the comments were very sweet, like the sweet lady that was talking about her daughter that had passed away 20 years ago. I think I was just already upset worrying about my current pregnancy (I had had a meltdown earlier that night) and then the ignorance was just too much for me. But maybe not, because now I'm calm and it's still pissing me off. I'm really glad you wrote what you did though because since I've experienced what I've experienced I've been on a mission to make sure that no one else that goes through it, does so remembering alone. My neighbor miscarried at 14 weeks and on what would have been her due date, I sent her a card. I also sent a mother's day card to my friend that hasn't been able to conceive since her miscarriage 3 years ago. I hate that society wants us to forget those we've lost. I really thought it was limited to the miscarriage community. I thought, surely if I had given birth to a baby, people would remember. It breaks my heart that you have proven that that is not always the case. I want to write rage against the minivan and suggest we do another post about etiquette when people lose a child...apparently it's REALLY needed.