Tuesday, June 26, 2012

crying bus monitor and respect

Have you seen or heard about the video of the middle school kids making their bus monitor cry?

If you haven't, you can watch it here.  Although I would not recommend watching it because it's terrible.

I made it through about 47 seconds and then I stopped it.  It goes on for about 10 minutes.  From what I can gather, what those children say to this lady is horrid.

It almost made me cry.  What are we teaching our children?

I wonder if those kids are the exception to the rule or if they are more common than you'd think.

SFD & I have this conversation often.  Why are kids so disrespectful "nowadays"?

I think the answer is because we allow them to be.  As a parent, I know this is true.  Superfrykid is awesome.  She really is a great kid.  But there are times when she is very disrespectful and she seems to think that when I put her in check that I am a horrible person.  Guess what?  I don't care.  I'm not here to be her friend.  I'm here to be her mother.

That's my rant for the day.

PS - More than $600,000 has been raised for the bus monitor, Karen.  That's kind of awesome. On the other hand, respect is priceless.  But if I had to choose, I choose respect AND the $600,000.


  1. I totally agree that parents seem to not be as strict these days. My boyfriend's kids say things to him that I would NEVER even THINK of saying to my parents! Even now, as an adult, I do not say things that I think my parents would not want me saying (around them at least) because that is how we were raised...to be respectful. I try to make sure my daughter is polite and respectful. Of course, she is only two, but hopefully she will grow up learning that you don't say mean things to other people!

  2. That was absolutely horrid, disgusting and disgraceful. I think everyone of those children should be punished the way my Grandma would have done it, with a switch! That's right, I said switch. They should all have their butts beaten with a switch. I would never, ever have spoken to an adult that way at that age. I was beaten on my butt with a switch as a child and guess what? I grew up RESPECTING all adults. I respect authority, I do not believe I was 'abused' as some call it today. I was RAISED to be respectful and taught the consequences of my actions.

  3. Yeah, um...my children would get the beating of their life if they had participated in something like this. And then they would have spent every spare minute after school for the remainder of the school year working in this lady's yard and being at her beckon call. This is horrifying.