Saturday, July 7, 2012

not communicating is our love language

You may or may not know this, but Superfrydad does not read this blog.

Therefore, I feel free to gripe share about him.

We recently got donkeys.  No, Jelly has not had her baby yet.

I vaguely mentioned that it was a surprise to me too when he rolled up with 2 donkeys.  Technically, he HAD talked to me about them some time before but as I recall, my response was, "Unless they are free & poop gold, I don't think it's a good idea."

After seeing Superfrykid's face - and also because I'm pretty sure WalMart would not let me return them there even though they will pretty much accept any other return - I decided that instead of having a huge fight or pouting, I would let him have this one.  Point for Superfrydad.

A few days ago, he brought home a mini four-wheeler for Superfrykid.  Without telling me.  Once again, point for Superfrydad because clearly, not telling me anything is his preferred method of communication.  It might even be his love language.

As you can see, she is clearly happy.  And while we're looking at the picture, let me just break down her outfit for you.  Pink bike helmet (yes, we know that a bike helmet is not acceptable, but just be glad she is wearing a helmet, ok?), Tractor Supply shirt with an  American Flag Barn logo, Hello Kitty tiered, ruffled skirt, and sparkly flip-flops.  I'd say she has the whole tom-boy bling look down.  The best part about her new wheels?  "I have my OWN keys, mom!"

So while I really appreciate Superfrydad's spontaneity and love for his daughter, I'm pretty sure if I came home with 2 live animals and a motor vehicle, he would have something to say.  Actually, I take that back.  He probably wouldn't say anything.  Because that's his love language.  Zondervan or whoever published that book about the 5 love languages, call me.  I could write a book about the 6th love language and I would do it way cheaper than the other guy.

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