Saturday, May 26, 2012

is that legal?

Superfrydad does not read KWTF.

Therefore, I feel free to share whatever I like concerning him.

The following is based on a true story.  The dialogue may or may not be what was actually said.

Superfrydad plays on our church softball team.  Last week, one of the games was cancelled because the other team did not have enough players.  The coach called Superfrydad but SFD failed to get the call on his cell, so he came home 5 minutes before it was time to leave for the game.  We ran out of the house with no dinner and flew down the road to the softball field.  The softball field is in the middle of a hayfield in the middle of nowhere.  The property owner's home is nearby, but far away from the actual softball field.

We pull into the parking area & there was no one there.  We sat for a few minutes, thinking maybe we were early & everyone else was late.  Another family pulled in and confirmed that the game was, in fact, cancelled.  They pulled off and we looked at each other.

SFD: "Let's just go get something to eat.  Hand me my shorts." (He was wearing his softball uniform & his extra clothes were in the backseat.  He proceeds to take off his shoes in order to change his clothes.)

ME: "There's Mr. Property Owner walking toward us.  You should probably wait to change your clothes."

SFD:  "He's not coming to talk to us.  The game was cancelled."  SFD proceeds to unbutton his pants.

ME:  "Why else would he be walking out here?  He's probably telling you the game is cancelled.  You're not going to beat him.  Pull up your pants."

SFD:  Ignores me and proceeds to peel off the softball pants.

ME:  "He's getting closer.  You might want to just drive away because you don't have enough time to put your shorts on."

At this point, SFD looks up and realized that I am right as always so he drives down the little gravel road wearing his underwear and softball jersey.  He puts on his shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers while driving.

I did not speak.

I just prayed silently that we would not wreck or get pulled over.

I'm not sure if it's against the law to drive in your underwear, but it should be.

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