Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Field Trips

Today I went with Superfrykid on a first grade field trip to a local wildlife zoo.

I jotted down some statistics for those who might be interested:
3 school buses
a zillion kids
half a zillion parents
4,324 high pitched squeals on the ride home
3 ladies bathroom stalls
7 port-o-potties (none of which were used because the ladies room line consisted of approximately 487 women and girls)
199 uneaten sandwiches
0 uneaten chips
1 cassowary that photo-bombed my kid & her little friend.

1 lion that sat on a raised platform like the king it was (It may have been a lioness, I did not get close enough to check, nor did I read the sign.  I kept my distance because it looked like it was in a bad mood.)

It wasn't bad, really.  I mean, we got there at 10:30, had lunch at 11:45 & were back on the bus by 12:30.  I only had 2 kids to watch, which is totally awesome and also equals the number of eyeballs that I have and also the number of hands I have.

I'm pretty sure nobody got lost or eaten or anything like that, so I'd say the trip was a success.

What do you think the best place for field trips is?


  1. Fun! And I love your observations, made me smile. I like science centers and children's museums. Blessings to you!