Tuesday, October 25, 2011







I try to like Twitter.  I really do.

However, I just don't like it very much. 

Here's why:

1.  I have a generic phone.  I have to hit the number 2 three times to get a letter c.  More than 2 times if I accidently hit it the wrong number of times and then I have to keep pressing it to get back around to the c.  Annoying.

2.  I have a generic phone.  I do not have internet access, so I am not constantly beeping with updates for facebook or emails.  By the time I get home, I forget about what I wanted to tweet and then it's like 4 hour old news.

3.  Did I mention I have a generic phone from 1983?  It has a bag that you can velcro to the carpet of your floorboard.

4.  When I read tweets online, they don't make sense to me.  All of that @# crap makes my eyes hurt.  It makes me feel like I'm trying to read some kind of secret code.  I'm not that smart and so Twitter makes me realize that and I don't like admitting the truth of my stupidity. 

I have only tweeted a couple of times.  I might have to just get rid of it.  It's too much pressure.  I like to ramble.  KWTFrys lets me ramble so I like it better.

The only redeeming thing about Twitter is that I followed Jamie the Very Worst Missionary, and she (or someone who does her internet stuff for her while she is busy being herself) followed me back.  I'm pretty sure she follows everybody who follows her, but it did kind of make me laugh a little and make me wish I could think of something clever to tweet. 


Even saying the word "tweet" makes me feel like kind of a twit.

Maybe I should feel like a twit b/c I follow a person I've never met and actually got kind of excited when I saw that she followed me back. 
Darn you, JamietheVWM! 

By the way, VWM sounds like some kind of disease that can spread from animals to people.  It also reminds me of VBAC, which kind of makes me a little squeamish.  Not that I don't support people who choose it, but anyway......see?  I told you I like to ramble. 

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